Animal Education Foundation

Cruelty, pain and suffering happens to animals all over the world, an unfortunate result of habitat destruction, overpopulation, over breeding, and plain ignorance and lack of compassion. Thankfully, there are animal lovers and animal welfare advocates all over the world as well, fighting to change the practices that lead to animal cruelty and suffering. Countless animal welfare groups, rescues and funds exist today which help animals on the basic level – to get them out of harm’s way, fund their care and rehabilitation, and get them into caring homes or back into natural environments. On a more expansive level however, animal education foundations and charities are the champions of promoting animal equality and compassion for all creatures, and helping us all to become more aware of our environment, and the animals that we share it with.

Animal education foundations as a whole are organizations that support animal health research, provide education to the public on animal welfare issues, and foster the ideas of compassion and coexistence. They encourage public involvement in these humane interests, and in furthering public awareness in general. Some Foundations get involved in large-scale rescue or other local-level activity, but what these types of organizations do best is raise awareness, raise money through corporate, philanthropic and public donations, and fund groups that are actually out there working with the animals by rescuing, providing care and remedying their mismanagement, or by funding scientific studies that benefit animal welfare. Animal cruelty is a constant battle, with legitimate rescue groups and shelters rarely having enough money for their needs; many times it is an animal education foundation that will step in with a grant to help them in their missions.

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Through the use of educational material, media coverage and their support of other humane groups, animal education foundations exist to teach compassionate, humane care of all animals and to learn more about these creatures that share our world so that we can enable them to live better lives. With a message that it is better to educate people how to prevent cruelty, than to deal with the aftermath, these charitable foundations spread their messages far and wide, offering much food for thought, and providing a caring example of how all creatures and the environment should be treated so that people and animals can live together in harmony.

Some Well-Known Animal Education Foundations and What They Do

World Wildlife Fund - Supporting animal welfare, and the protection of all animals and endangered species for over 50 years, WWF’s purpose is to help communities to learn about their local species, how to prevent the destruction of habitats and the environment in general, and how to promote the humane treatment of all animals. Working in over 100 countries today, WWF’s endangered panda logo is one of the most notable out there in animal education foundations, and millions of animals worldwide today depend on this group’s support to have a chance at survival.

World Animal Foundation - The World Animal Foundation works through education, protection and awareness involving all species – including humanitarian issues – on all continents. It participates directly in rescues and other hands-on animal protection needs, human causes, promotes education and awareness, provides educational materials for groups and children, promotes adoption, spay/neuter and other companion animal issues, and supports many global and local organizations including human welfare concerns such as hunger, water, farming and community sustainability. Though WAF is a more publicly oriented Foundation run on public donations exclusively, it acts in the same manner as the many private Foundations in regard to offering assistance to humane organizations and other non-profits.

Morris Animal Foundation - The Morris Animal Foundation – with their animal-loving spokesperson Betty White – is a non-profit that has been helping animals of all kinds for over 60 years. With their basis in science and animal healthcare and formed by a veterinarian and humanitarian, Morris Animal Foundation encourages and supports animal studies and other projects that greatly improve the lives of companion animals, horses and wildlife through better healthcare and species-specific health concerns.

Doris Day Animal Foundation - Founded in 1978 by the legendary actress Doris Day, a renown animal lover, the Foundation’s main purpose is to spread education and awareness in creating communities that understand animal needs, from companion animals to farm animals, and that it is every community’s responsibility to see to the humane needs of these animals. The group sponsors and supports other animal non-profits by funding rescues, providing grants and otherwise giving financial assistance to other humane groups in need.

Some other Foundations that collect charitable donations to provide grants to other humane and animal welfare groups in need include:

The Summer Lee Foundation - formed in 1988 by Texas philanthropist Ann Lee Roberts, is a private charity that exists to provide education, awareness, and support of humane and animal groups of all kinds in achieving their goals.

Laura J. Niles Foundation -, formed in 1997 by philanthropist Laura J. Niles, exists to educate, promote and fund animal welfare and companion animal causes, and education, self-sufficiency and disadvantaged individuals causes;

Bernice Barbour Foundation -, established by philanthropist Bernice Barbour to fund other humane and animal welfare organizations in 1986;

With the generosity and effort of these organizations, and the animal education foundation in general, it is possible for the message of compassion, care and species equality to continue. Through their individual purposes, charitable foundations such as these assume the position of teachers and examples, from which we can better learn how to care for our world and the creatures in it, whether they are companion animals, farm animals or species in the wild. Supporting animal education foundations also provides a means for individuals and businesses to make donations that will be used to their best advantage as grants to the organizations that are providing the best work in the prevention of animal cruelty and ending of animal suffering.