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Animal Education Foundations – Symposiums, Tours and Other Events

Educational symposiums and facility tours held by animal education foundations are common way in which these organizations can spread their message and attract new members. Since these groups are in existence first and foremost to spread awareness and garner support for their causes, these are very interesting ways for both foundation members and the public to learn more about humane topics in a more interactive way. Depending on the type of event, they also may be more publicly oriented or member-oriented, or even sometimes oriented toward certain industry professionals (such as veterinarians or students in veterinary school), with the Foundation acting as a sponsor for this educational opportunity.

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Animal Foundation Symposiums, Compendiums and Expos

There are a number of different types of symposium and compendium-type events that educational foundations will sponsor, each with a different audiences and agendas in mind. Animal foundations that are more private groups, or larger, public and/or corporate groups, will many times host events that are more professionally-oriented, for veterinary teams, researchers, shelter and humane workers as a way to provide necessary education on topics that support the Foundation’s goals. Although some of these events are open to the public, most of them are restricted to professionals working in the animal health, animal welfare or other animal related field. Some of these symposiums may even offer continuing education credits for vets and vet techs, depending on the curriculum being offered, speakers, other sponsors and the event’s association with licensing boards.

Educational opportunities for the public are generally lower-key events that promote messages such as spay and neuter, pet adoption, anti-cruelty, and environmental and species protection. These can take place just about anywhere, including at animal shelter facilities themselves, or in public places where animals can be brought to allow children and adults to experience them up close. Expos and interest trade show type events are popular places for animal welfare groups and educational foundations to participate and be seen by as many people as possible. These events may generate some donations, but it is the educational value that is highest, in the hopes of making an impression on people, that is usually the goal at these public events.

Animal Foundation Sponsored Tours

Animal welfare “tours” usually involve open house events at animal shelters, “safaris” of animal sanctuaries and wildlife areas, veterinary facilities and other facilities that are involved in the topics supported by an animal education foundation. Giving people an up-front look at life in a pet shelter, or how endangered species are kept on a sanctuary can be a rewarding and influential experience for some. These events do gather their share of public donations as well, probably much more so than

Expo tables and public symposiums, since audiences are right there, where the animals are kept, being discussed by the people who care for them and work to prevent cruelty, over-population or habitat depletion. Open house tours are very good public relations events, especially if they offer an out of the ordinary look inside, such as a tour of a brand new veterinary facility or an opening day party for a new shelter facility or building addition.

Sometimes, too, a foundation will sponsor an event such as a dinner party outdoor wine and cheese tasting, whether on a facility’s grounds or at a donated estate or building, with proceeds going directly to the Foundation’s charity. These types of events are frequently by guest list, and the acceptance RSVP usually includes a hefty donation, so these social happenings can bring in a lot of money in exchange for a fun evening and perhaps a preview of a new facility before the public, or some other “member preview” benefit.

Anyone interested in these happenings and wishing to know of any symposiums or local tours and other events are recommended to sign up for the email newsletter for their favorite animal foundations to stay informed. Becoming a member of an animal education foundation is even better, and usually includes special member benefits as well, but there is rarely a requirement to join to be able to receive newsletters. Perhaps making it to a symposium, a tour or other awareness event is in the future, so it is always possible to show support that way as well.